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Philanthroparty 2024: Together for Good
Saturday, April 27, 2024

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors and Underwriters!



The Addy Foundation

Katherine Glaze Lyle

Santander Consumer USA



R.T. & Betty Conner Foundation

Dan Waldmann & Giles Davidson

Helen LaKelly Hunt & Harville Hendrix, Quantum Connections

Candy & Ike Brown



Gwen Echols

Diane & Dick Evans


Susan & Steve Hoff

Lyda Hill Philanthropies

Sapphire Foundation

Haynes and Boone, LLP

Billy & Dodee Crockett Advised Fund of the Dallas Foundation



Linda & Bob Appel

Donna & Chris Young

Carol M Barger and William D Elliott

Mary McDermott Cook


Friends of the Conners

Kenya Woodruff and Missy Apodaca

Helio Risk




Kayla Barnes

Dallas College Foundation 

Philanthropy Southwest

Jennifer Owen

The Donachie Foundation

Mary Jalonick

Anonymous, in honor of Anne & Terry Conner

Corey Davison and Webb Cochran

Regina & John Dupree

Robin Minick

Audrey & Jerry Andrews

Eric Johnson & Dr. Mark Parker

Gina & John Jensen, in honor of Giles Davidson & Dan Waldmann

Steffanie & Eric Evans

Bank of America

Celeste & Charles Glover

Ginger Sager and Thomas Payne in honor of Giles Davidson and Dan Waldmann

Dee Brown

IKS Health

Robert Bisor and Jim Reis


With Additional Support From

Catherine Cuellar & Paul Williams

Sarah Losinger

Southwest Airlines, in honor of Dan Waldmann from Linda Rutherford and the Southwest Airlines Family

Tori Adams and Jim DuBose

Scott Chase

Dena Stroh

From Mita Havlick in honor of Giles Davidson & Dan Waldmann

Cathi Scalise

Matthew Stensland

Norma Nelson

Abigail Sinwell

Janet & John Mockovciak in honor of Anne & Terry Conner and Giles Davidson & Dan Waldmann

Keith Thode

Ashley & Steven Walton

Gillian Parillo & Pierre Cutler

Rebecca Bruder, in honor of Giles Davidson & Dan Waldmann

Mike Smith

Jeanne and Rhodes Bobbitt, in honor of Anne & Terry Conner

Cristi & Kevin Ryan, in honor of Anne & Terry Conner

Holly Greef, in honor of Anne & Terry Conner

Chris Matta

The Baldridge Foundation

Janet and John Holland

Leslie & Bryan Diers, on behalf of Anne & Terry Conner

Mary Poss, in honor of Anne & Terry Conner

Kasey and Bill Hollon

Dolph Haas